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Live images

The go1984 web server has been expanded with a new interface specially designed for Windows Phone devices. go1984 version or later offers you the option to access go1984 via the go1984 client.

The application supports simultaneous access to more than one go1984 server. You can therefore establish a connection to the go1984 server via both WLAN and GPRS/Edge/UMTS.

This makes available to you the live images from all the cameras on the go1984 web server which you have relevant access rights for.


Each camera gives you access to the entire recordings archive.

You can therefore browse conveniently through the scenes that are available. To help you find the relevant scene quickly, a preview is displayed with detailed scene information for each recording.

Controlling PTZ cameras

You can control the movable cameras very easily using your Windows Phone device.

With suitable PTZ cameras, you can use the touch-sensitive display to pan, tilt or zoom the camera. Even preset positions can be controlled.

There is also a digital PTZ function available for displaying important details from high-resolution HD cameras even on this mobile device.

Notification via push service

In an emergency, prompt notification is essential.

go1984 therefore allows notification via push service. Upon receipt of a new push message, the application can directly be launched with the camera triggering the alarm.

The push notification is adjustable for each camera and can for example be activated at specific times only via individual schedulers.

I/O support

You can control via the Windows Phone client HTTP events previously defined in go1984.

This interface allows you to control remotely go1984 functions such as activating alarm functions.

You can also activate outputs available in go1984 to control remotely and conveniently the lights in your house, open or close the window blinds, switch the alarm on or perform any other function you require.